Start of Season #2


I'm watching the tulips grow. Chili peppers and tomatoes are, hopefully, getting ready to sprout. I'm planting salad and spinach this week.

Yay for Spring! :)

Season End & Rreview


I picked the last, green tomatoes today. There are some flowers still doing well in my "garden", and the strawberry plant seems to be going wild (one red strawberry and 5 more in different shades of green). But considering the fact that morning temperatures are hovering a little above zero degrees Celsius, I think it may be time for some rest. :) (I'm lazy and decided against trying to do something with late-season crops. :P)

During the season, I was diligent about writing down everything I harvested. This is the final result:

planted: harvested:
chili 2 13
peas 4 23
tomatoes 4 65
onions 12 0
lettuce 5 4
carrots 18 14
radish 21 4

Chili plants did very well. I harvested 3 Thai Bird's Eye chilis and 10 Mirasol chilis. I gave a few Mirasol pods to some friends and they said they're perfect, really tasty and at just the right level of spiciness. Plus they look very nice, better than my decorative plants! I'll definitely be planting more chili next year!

Peas were great! I had only 4 pea plants but they produced a lot of pea pods. More peas next year!

Tomatoes were also doing well. One of the plants was small and scraggly and managed to produce only 3 tomatoes, but the other three were doing much better. I'm planting more tomatoes next year.

Onions were a total disappointment. Considering that I don't even like eating them, I think I won't be trying to grow them again.

Lettuce was so-so. The summer heat started too soon, so it didn't have much of a chance. I'll try again.

Carrots were another disappointment. They were small and not all that tasty, even though I spent two months constantly caring about them. No more growing carrots. :P

Radishes were my first try and they didn't turn out very well (or at all). But I'll try again.

In summary: Next year there won't be any onions or carrots, but there will be more tomatoes, chili and peas. :)

I also decided to make some kind of rain collector, because I've discovered that one drop of rain is worth more to my plants than 1 liter of tap water!

Chili Action!


I picked the last Bird's Eye chili today and harvested the seeds. There's a lot of them! If anybody wants to grow Bird's Eye next year, let me know, I'll give you the seeds as soon as they're dry.

I coaxed my boyfriend into tasting the chili, because I didn't want to just throw it away after cutting out the seeds. This is how the taste test went:

First bite: (crunch crunch) "Eh, it's just pepper, maybe just a little spicy."

Second bite: (crunch ... crunch ... pause) "Aaaaaaaaaargh, f*ck, f*ck, it's hot, what do I do, aaaaargh, help!"


I'm counting this as another gardening success. ;)

End of Summer


I've been enjoying my garden this month. Everything suddenly started growing. I'm picking tomatoes every couple of days.

Tomato harvest!

These are going to be ready for picking in a few days.

I picked two Thai Bird's Eye chilis and hung them up to dry. I'm going to leave the third one on the plant for a few more days, to get seeds from it.

Mirasol chili is looking good! I'll be harvesting soon.

The carrots were looking ok, until I pulled them out:

The biggest carrot is the size of my finger! Not very satisfying. I guess they didn't like the climate or something. They had 4 months to grow!! Maybe I had seeds for baby carrots instead of normal carrots. :P Well, no carrots next year - too much work and not enough carrots.

At least the flowers are doing well!

I have a lot of basil that I don't think is going to like the low temperatures we're now getting. I think I'm going to make pesto to make use of it.



I guess the best way to make your plants prosper is to go away from them for a while... After a week of being away from home, chili and tomatoes went from this:

to this!

I'm researching chili recipes now. :)



There was a storm last night with lots of wind. The wind knocked over one of the flower pots on the terrace above us. By a weird coincidence, it landed right on one of my tomatoes. :( The plant itself may survive, but baby tomatoes that were growing on it won't.

The damage:

The culprit:

Definitely Summer!


It's hoooooot... I'm too tired to do anything most of the time. I water my garden in the mornings, before the heat. Then I close up all the windows and barricade myself inside until dark.

But at least my chilis like it. :)

Mirasol, pointing up at the sun, like the name implies.

Bird's Eye - I think it's changing color, slowly becoming less green and more yellow!

First tomatoes growing! These are on my "monster tomato", the one that's taller than me.

Strawberries! There weren't many of them in Spring, so I'm hoping for a more bountiful harvest this time.

I harvested first lettuce today and the first carrot the day before yesterday. It's too hot for lettuce, I should've harvested it earlier. The carrots on the other hand need a bit more time, the one I dug out was quite slim. :)